"Http In"-Subflow OR "Url must be unique?"


It seems to me, that the url parameter for HttpIn Nodes must be unique, for only the first instance created will be triggered by a request.

So if i have multiple HttpIn Nodes using the same route, only one gets triggered.

Furthermore, i tried to create a HttpIn Node with a parameterized url, which i used in a subflow, thinking that i could filter on the parameter... Again only one instance of my subflow was triggered.

Is this correct and if it is, is there any known workaround?

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Yes, that behaviour is indeed correct. If you’re hoping to have the handling changed depending on parameters, your best bet is to add a switch node behind the http-in, and have all different actions behind the different outputs on the switch, then wire it back to an http-response node.

And you can use named parameters ( :foo ) - in the url - see the node info.

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I believe that has already been tried, but I may have misinterpreted :slight_smile:

The issue here is that when in a subflow, if the instance doesn’t have a way of making it a unique url only one instance will be triggered. So either make sure that the URL is unique, say you use a subflow instance id or something in the address, or handle the different actions in subflows but the http-in on top of it

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Thanks for your input.

That sounds similar to what i was trying to achieve. But how am i supposed to get the subflow instance id into the url?

Using parameterized urls (:something) does not work with multiple subflow instance, as stated above. Your interpretation was correct.

Currently i have a "Global Stuff"-Tab where i put the Endpoint. Then i use Link-Nodes to relay the message to of all my subflow instances across different tabs.

Inside the instances, i then handle the message differently, depending on the passed url parameter. At most one of these instances does something by design.

I was hoping to get the Endpoint INSIDE the subflow, so i can make the subflows self-sufficient and eliminate the link-nodes.

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