Where a subflow has been instantiated

Is there a way to find all flows into which a particular subflow has been deployed?

If you search (Ctrl+F) for the subflow name it should find the definition and the uses.

It should.
But searching for the sublflow, brings me to the subflow itself. Where could I find where it has been used?

Get it's id from the sidebar info tab then search that.

This question came up recently on the forum.

As Steve says, the only reliable way to do it today is to search for the 'id' of the subflow.

In the imminent 1.3 release, the info sidebar tree view has a link to show all instances of a given subflow.


Yes! Got it. Thanks.

I guess searching by name worked for me because all of them have the subflow name in each use.

Yes - that is the same conclusion you came to in the previous thread.

Well at least I am consistent. Senile decay is useful at times, I can deny everything with a clear conscience.

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Aargh, it's even worse, it was me that asked the question last time!

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Don't worry... my senile decay is worst than yours as I didn't find your question before posting mine!

What question?

This one.

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