Exporting/Importing flows


When in NR, and you want to export a few nodes you can select them and click on the menu and say EXPORT TO CLIPBOARD.

Doing that, the paste button is already pressed and the contents are there.

Recently I have been importing (the other side of what was just mentioned) and I’m confused why when you say IMPORT FROM CLIPBOARD, you have to “paste”.

Originally I thought it was reasonable, but the more I use it, the less I agree.

Given that you may want to put “something else” there, and so that would give you the option… Doesn’t really hold water/work when I think about it.

As most systems support only ONE clipboard, you wouldn’t select that option if the clipboard wasn’t already set up.

Just wondering/suggesting.




You have to explicitly paste your flow into the import dialog because browsers are not permitted to freely read the contents of your clipboard for security reasons.

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