Extend the right sidebar plugin concept to all sides

Hi folks,

Currently developers can create rather easily plugins in Node-RED, for example to create a right sidebar.

However this has some limitations for me:

  • Sometimes I don't need the palette on the left, but I would like to show 2 of my right sidebars simultaneously.
  • My node-red-contrib-xterm node can show my linux shell, but that is in fact to wide for the right sidebar. Would be nice if I could show it on the bottom in full width. Then I don't have to switch to my Putty all the time.
  • Although the right-click contextmenu is getting much better in the recent releases, I still barely use it. I created a while a go a feature request to have a toolbar on top. Still don't get why Node-RED is the only software that I use, that will never get a toolbar. Anyway don't want to argue about that anymore, but a top area for which we could create plugins would really help. If somebody creates a toolbar plugin for it, I would install it certainly. And all other users that hate it (e.g. because it consumes their space) would simply not install it. Everybody happy...

So imho it would be nice if the left palette toolbar would become a plugin, and users could decide where to show it (on the left or on the right). Something like this:

And of course the top and bottom could be disabled in the menu by default, for people that don't want it.

Not sure if anybody else has already something similar in the past, but couldn't find it...

I assume this will be a lot of refactoring work, but would be nice if it could be taken into consideration.



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