Show/Hide node palette


We have the ability to turn on/off (hide) the sidebar but not the palette - this seems inconsistent.

It would be really helpful, when working on more limited screens, to be able to turn off the palette since there are plenty of times when we aren't adding new nodes.


A quick test in the browser shows that setting #palette to display:none; and #workspace to left:0; about does the trick. Could be added to the view menu?


That is indeed something I have been wondering in the past. Would be nice on my smartphone screen.

Btw, why is the palette not simply one of the tabsheets in the sidebar?


Well, I guess the palette came before the sidebar :slight_smile:

I can't say that bothers me. Though I'll be honest - if I had a choice, I would vote for having two sidebars and being able to move things between them.

However, being a bit more realistic for the shorter term. I'm hoping that the ability to show/hide the palette is something that will take little effort to implement.

I would actually put in a PR if I could but I'm not geared up for core development and testing unfortunately - that's assuming that @knolleary and @dceejay were to approve of the idea in the first place of course.


Not the worst idea in the world ... (being able to shrink/hide it). Don’t like the idea of moving things between bars. You can go and use Eclipse if you want that mess of a screen :slight_smile:


Haha. Point taken. Eclipse probably one of the nastiest UIs I’ve ever seen.


Hi Julian,
I think this might be interesting info for you.


Awwww... Don't spoil the surprise....


@TotallyInformation: Don't click on that link !!!!
@knolleary: Remember that God is watching you, and I am too :sunglasses:


Haha, cool. I believe in openness not hiding things.

Besides, I could never stop myself from poking around presents when I was young (have to buy my own now so its a bit different! :frowning:).

A nice little UI improvement. Thanks.