Where did my palette go? (How to get it back)

Have been using Node Red for awhile. Not a total noob. But can't figure this out. Normally, the palette where you select a new node for your flow, is along the left edge of the node-red flows screen. I was using a laptop with a mousepad, and somehow accidentally swiped and the palette along the left side is no longer visible.
I have restarted my whole system and it's still not visible. I have looked in all the visible menus and corners of my screen, and don't see a way to make it visible again. It must be something simple (hopefully), but I can't figure it out.

Ctrl-P toggles the palette's visibility or from the menu in the upper right corner View > Show palette

YES! That did it. Thanks. I knew it would be something simple. Googled for answers but only found stuff about the Manage Palette menu missing. Good to know how to make it go away and come back!

.. also if you move your mouse pointer to the left edge of the Editor, you should get a little arrow label to click on to make the panel re-appear.


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