Extend undo levels - or snapshot support

Currently, it is only possible to undo changes until the last deployment.

It would be nice, if this limit could be extended.
Another possibility would be the support of tab-wise snapshots.

Use case: trying something with many changes and/or deployments.

Take a look at the projects feature...

Thanks, i'm aware of the project feature - but it's a little more complicated than pressing "Ctrl-Z" :slight_smile:

Sure, i could also copy the tab and disable the original, but the easiest way are a few keystrokes to restore the old state.

But equally, why would we implement a parallel system that duplicated what projects can do, but without the same level of functionality?

I think there is a place for a more simplified user experience with projects - something I posted back in January: Feedback wanted: Simplified git workflow

If the simplified workflow runs completely local without the usual project overhead, it sounds like a good idea!

What do you define the 'usual project overhead' as?

Projects can run completely locally already. There is no requirement to have a remote repository.

  • username / password
  • naming and definition of the project
  • naming of commit msgs

All this should be autogenerated / filled.

If you only have a local project with no remote, there is no username/password.

You need to create a project to get started. It's a 10 second task to give it a name. Sorry, I don't think that's overhead - it's a quick one off task needed to get the benefits projects bring.

See the thread I linked to regarding commit messages. If you have any suggestions as to how those auto-filled commit messages could be made useful, I'd appreciate your input.

About the commit msg: I would include the changed flow name(s) and a timestamp in the comment.

Also i'm wondering, how easy it is to go back to a previous version? And if there is only one flow changed, will only this flow redeployed or all from the project?