External Cloudant intermittent error 401


I can successfully access external Cloudant DB from my node. But, from time to time, I receive error "couch returned 401". All I have to do to fix this is to go to External Cloudant server properties 's edit page and re-enter the password, then Deploy. It will work for let's say about 12 hours, then the problem recurs.

I use node-red on IBM Cloud and external Cloudant is also on IBM Cloud but on a different project.

To configure this, I simply use Cloudant node (both in and out - in for reading and out - for updating, the problem occurs on both) , select External Cloudant service, enter Properties - Host, User name, Password and Server name.

User name and Password entered are according to Service Credetial created on External Cloudant. It should not be a problem because it at least works for about almost 12 hours.

What could cause the problem ? Thank you.

Moving to node-red-contrib-cloudantplus fixed my problem.

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