Using Node-Red with Cloudant - Credential Issue

Hi there,

I'm working with Node-Red and Cloudant, trying to put data into a Cloudant database file. Using the node-red-node-cf-cloudant nodes.
This works fine with the two running in the same cloud, with the database being automatically detected by Node-Red, but when I try to use the host, username and password from the service credentials, I get the error

TypeError: Cannot read property 'match' of null

I've also tried my personal IBM Cloud credentials to no avail. My end goal is to have Node-Red running locally on a Beaglebone Black computer, sending sensor data to a Cloudant database hosted in the cloud.
I'd really appreciate any help.



Sorry for the late response. Thanks for linking this.
I found out it was an issue with security and TLS needing to be set up for remote cloud connections.
By setting TLS Optional in my instance of Watson IoT, I have resolved the problem. Of course this is only for development purposes and for any production it will have to be set up properly. I have also found that I have needed to use node-red-contrib-ibm-watson-iot nodes to write to the cloud from my device, and node-red-contrib-scx-ibmiotapp when reading from the cloud to send data from Watson to a Cloudant database.


Hi Max,

Thank you for sharing your solution here.
I found the same issue with you. My question is how to set TLS Optional in Watson IoT instance. Or should I set up TLS optional on Cloudant?

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I have the same problem