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I'm having problems with running Node-Red in IBM Cloud. It keeps crashing and after when I try to enter Node-Red instance it says "Welcome to your new Node-RED instance in IBM Cloud" and ask me to create new username and password. I tried several time to access the old one but can't find it and every link direct me to this where I need to create new username and password. This is a second time in one week and I lost all flows. What should I do?

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Hi @Hautsi

what sort of account have you got? Lite or Pay-as-you-go?

Node-RED on IBM Cloud stores its settings in the attached cloudant instance. If it's failing to store your configuration, then something maybe going wrong with the connection to the database.

Have a look at the cloudant instance bound to your application. If you open its dashboard via the IBM Cloud console you should be able to see the settings and flows documents in there. Failing that, I would need to see the node-red application log when it starts up - it logs the details of the cloudant instance its using at that point in time. If there's anything wrong there, for example it can't find cloudant at all, then that would explain what you're seeing.

Hmm. It seems that there is no Cloudant with this application. My account it pay-as-you-go.

I added Cloudant now. But I lost everything again?

How did you install it? The Node-RED Starter Kit gives you a node-red application that is connected to cloudant for its storage. If there's no cloudant, then it will be writing to the local file system that will be lost whenever the app restarts.

You'll need to create a cloudant instance, bind it to your app and then set the NODE_RED_STORAGE_NAME environment variable to tell Node-RED which cloudant service instance it should be using -

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