IBM Cloud (Bluemix) node-red stability

I am a hobbyist using a free IBM Cloud instance and Node red for my application successfully for the last month or so.

But only in the last few days it has seemed to go up and down several times per day (with no changes to the app), so I'm trying to figure out whether its a problem with my app or with IBM or what.

If anyone here has any insight I would appreciate it.

Also, where is the appropriate IBM forum in which to search or post for this question? ? Or is there a more specific forum? I haven't been able to figure out the organization of the support communities or forums over there.

Thank you,

at I was directed to the Support/Status page, and this is a known, ongoing issue right now

Could it have just got worse? My flows stopped working, and when I went into Bluemix, node-red-contrib-cryptor was suddenly 'unknown' and so all flows were stopped. I restarted the instance and it crashed with 'out of memory'. In cloudant I edited the flow file to remove everything and the settings to remove cryptor, but restarts still run out of memory. I'm on the free tier which only has 256MB.

I don't know, but my little 'ol app went down again around 12:30 CDT, and wont come up this morning with some sort of npm or memory errors. This time the IBM Cloud status console is not showing any outages :frowning:

I posted on but other than that I'm not sure what to do, since I can't even get the SSH session to connect either.