Node red stopped on IBM cloud


I have some HTTP nodes setup on bluemix nodeRED to forward some basic messages to a MQTT broker.
Today i noticed that the messages had stopped on December the 10th. i went to my bluemix account and node red was stopped. i restarted it and hope things will start to work again.

The logs didn't go back more than 1 day so i cannot discover why it was stopped.
Is it meant to keep running continuously or is it meant to stop. im on the free plan BTW.


Hi mako,

I had the same problem with an instance using MQTT and thought it has something to do with to many MQTT messages. But 10 days ago I setup a new Node-Red App instance and today I discovered that it stopped running and the flow only had one http Request running once per day and a node-red-dashboard. I'm also using the Lite plan as a student and my memory limit is set to 256 MB which should prevent exceeding the free limit. Have you found a reason for the stops?


Exactly the same issue for me and which I have been trying to understand for some months now.

Node-red on IMBcloud 'lite' stops every 10 days... very frustrating indeed:

started Node RED GDKZK 2020-11-27 app
Jan 21, 2021, 08:33:21 PM |

stopped Node RED GDKZK 2020-11-27 app
Jan 21, 2021, 07:15:05 PM |

started Node RED GDKZK 2020-11-27 app
Jan 11, 2021, 06:41:30 PM |

stopped Node RED GDKZK 2020-11-27 app
Jan 11, 2021, 01:15:08 PM |

started Node RED GDKZK 2020-11-27 app
Jan 1, 2021, 12:52:19 PM |

stopped Node RED GDKZK 2020-11-27 app
Jan 1, 2021, 12:15:02 PM |

Can anyone shed any light?

Just keeping this topic alive and hoping for a reply from someone!

@knolleary - sorry to @ you directly here but I'd very much like to properly understand this issue...

Hi @JPOLgit

I don't know is the honest answer.

You'd need to look at the full application log to see if its something in the app causing the stoppage - such as running out of memory - or if its the platform stopping the app.

I vaguely remember some restrictions in place for lite account apps that have no developer activity on them - although I can't find any docs on that front. I have asked internally to see if anyone can shed any light on it.

Many thanks for fast reply @knolleary.
I'll get the logs and post here ASAP.
I'm tinkering with it pretty much on a daily basis so I don't think it relates to absence of developer activity.
OK - I'll post the logs and look forward to any info you get internally.
Sincere thanks again, KRs

Hi @JPOLgit

I've found the docs that detail the limitations of the lite account: IBM Cloud Docs

  • After 10 days of no development activity, your apps go to sleep. You can wake up your apps by continuing to work on them.
  • After 30 days of no development activity, your service instances with Lite plans are deleted.

The important distinction here is that using Node-RED and hitting Deploy is invisible to the platform - it doesn't know anything about Node-RED, so that doesn't count as "development activity".

Thanks again @knolleary
Clear as can be there on that IBM Cloud link - but I hadn't quite twigged that deploying didn't 'count' so to speak... but understand now and it makes sense.
Time to upgrade to PAYG!
Completely love Node-RED so huge thanks for this incredible tool.

@JPOLgit just be careful with the PAYG upgrade as some of what you get free with the Lite account is no longer free with PAYG.


Thanks for the steer - have upgraded now to PAYG - will check it out carefully over the first month and proceed with caution from there.

Some form of fixed-cost, capped-data-usage, 'Node-RED only' cloud platform would be super-cool for the hobbyist IoT community...

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