Extract a special value from a message


I want to get Webhooks from my Cisco Webex Teams Account without exposing my Node Red installation.

Therefore I registered to node-red-contrib-webhookrelay and I am already receiving messages.


I need the second ID, the ID with the value "this-id-i-want-to-extract" as payload.


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It looks like that body is a JSON string. Have you tried a change node to move the msg.payload.body to msg.payload, followed by a JSON node? Afterwards, you put in a debug node again to see how the object is formatted, considering it is a valid json to start with. Looking at the output it could also be that it outputs several JSON objects one after another, but I can't say that for sure from this limited screenshot. Start there, I'd say.
Okay, I spoke too soon, you have the object mostly included in your post. It's a single JSON object, as text. So after the JSON node you can access the value you need as msg.payload.data.id.

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