Extract all email headers from an eml file?

I need to extract all e-mail headers from a eml file and write them in a separate file
I have seen mailparser contrib but it doesn't work
does someone know how can I perform this action in node red?

Thank you.

A quick Internet search showed up plenty of articles about the structure of a .eml file. It appears to be mainly text-based I think so you should be able to dump it to debug and then start to look at the structure and work out where to split it.

You may be able to use eml-parser - npm if installed and called from a function node as it looks fairly recent

Sounds really good.
perhaps the issue is that I have nodered in docker and it is not easy to install packages inside it.
I will open a new thread to ask it.

Thank you

Hmm, but then that isn't a Node-RED issue is it? :grinning:

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