Extract Data from Many Array With Object of Same name

Hy! I am new to Node-red and java script, I need some help. I am using a WIFI node to know the WIFI strength of all the available networks. Some times I get one to two objects (networks), some times I get 10-15 (objects) based on network available. I only wants to read the signal_level value of SSID of "TCF" (as i am connected to TCF wifi). How can I achieve this task? Is is possible to filter only TCF and ignore rest of SSID. Plus sometimes i have multiple objects with same TCF SSID name

In a change node you can set msg.payload, to jsonata(J:) $$.payload[ssid = "TCF"] . That should return all array objects where ssid equal "TCF".

$$.payload[ssid = "TCF"].signal_level would return the signal level e.g -58

You can do similar with filter() or find() in javascript.

Sorry i made i mistake in the debug node. Now everything is working fine as you have mentioned in earlier. Thanks for your help.

Wifi Final flow.json (5.5 KB)

here is the flow, in case if anyone wants you use it in future

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