Extracting payload values and send to notification

Hi All ,

New to NR , i did saw the node red essentials on youtube and also ran lot of searches but still can't find a way to do what I (simply) want to do ,

Basically , first node is event state which listen to some HA sensor ,
if it change i want to use the sensor attributes and use it in next node to send notification using call service node .

I added a debug node to see the output , copy the path of the needed key ,
I paste it to test and i do see the values,

   "message":  data.new_state.state & " some info" 

The question why it doesn't show up in run time - I get only " some info" .

I'm not familiar with these nodes. But if I was using them, the first place I would go would be the information page in Node-Red. Simply click on the node you're trying to work with, click on the i in the upper right of the editor page (information i) and down in the lower pane, you'll see a book icon. That's a description the node developer put in with the node. Hopefully that explains what you're looking to do to make it work right. Barring that, there should be an information page about the node on the Node-Red node information pages. If that's not helpful, there should be a GitHub link on that page that takes you to the actual GitHub for that node. Most developers place example flows into their GitHub pages so people can see how the node is implemented. If you don't see an example of or instructions on what you're trying to do by the time you get through the GitHub page, I would be very surprised.

Hopefully that helps.

What type input did you select in the call service node?
Also can we see the info sent to debug 2.

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