Faced weird thing with Dashboard->template


I am using code below (in picture) to show my array (msg.payload) in my template node, but the weird thing I have faced is, it is not showing any arrays when I use "limitTo:msg.len", but when I changed the "msg.len" to any number below 85, it shows my first 85 or any number below than that of arrays from msg.payload!!
for example, if I put "limitTo:86" or "limitTo:msg.len", it wont show anything on my webUI, but once I change it to "limitTo:85", it show the first 85 members of array.
my msg.payload usually have more than 270 arrays of data as picture below and I passed msg.payload.length to msg.len, the last number in picure is my msg.len:

I have been struggling with this weird issue for around 2 days and cannot solve it. I am really tired of searching and found nothing about it. the interesting this is, it was working before!
would you please help me solving the issue?




Do you get the same symptom if you put a number in the limitTo definition rather than via msg.len?



Thank you for your replay.
if I put any number below than 85 it works fine and normally, and show me list of array on my web UI. But once I put number more than 85 or "msg.len" to see the whole array, it wont produce any output on my webUI.