Failed to install: node-red-dashboard Cannot find module 'node-red-dashboard'

how can i fix this ? here's the log

> 2019-12-21T11:34:17.150Z Install : node-red-dashboard 2.19.2
> 2019-12-21T11:34:17.156Z npm.cmd install --no-audit --no-update-notifier --save --save-prefix="~" --production node-red-dashboard@2.19.2
> 2019-12-21T11:34:24.154Z [out] + node-red-dashboard@2.19.2
> 2019-12-21T11:34:24.154Z [out] updated 1 package in 4.89s
> 2019-12-21T11:34:24.277Z rc=0


Perhaps you want to show another part of the output ? This output seems to be ok.

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Yep, looks like it installed without problems.

it installed but it does not appear ! only packaje.json exists on the folder ... i don't know what's wrong?

What folder did you run the command in?

inside .node-red/node_modules folder

don't do it in .node-red/node_modules - do it in .node-red