[feature request] add output level in the ui_audio

I would like to know if it is possible to add a sound volume control of the file to be played to the ui_audio node?

For example from 0 to 100% for files played during the day and at night, and if possible, can be even up to 200% to amplify the read file for alerts / alarms.

It would be adjustable in the node and also by a message ex: msg.level

What do you think @dceejay ?


May be slightly possible. Can reduce I think but not increase.

Hey Dave,
What do you mean with that?
I assume you are talking about a GainNode, with gain.value between 0 and 1? Or something else?

Yes for audio I think you may be able to go > 1 but it will probably clip the sound. and also speechutterence.volume only does 0 to 1

It could already be quite good: turn the Client's volume level up and play with the gain of the ui_audio node as needed (night, day, alarm). But adjustable with more possibility than 0 or 1 :thinking: 0.1 ....0.5 ....1.0 :grin:

so just as it's Xmas... have pushed an update to dashboard master (not on npm) that lets you set msg.level to set the output volume - from 0 to 100%... In audio mode (not TTS) you can go up to 300 - but it may distort.


Great Christmas gift dc "Santa Dave"
, and while it's Christmas: MERRY CHRISTMAS for all !



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