[Feature Request (Discussion)]Two types of grouping behaviour

Groups are very useful and the change that came along that when you click and drag on a node - it only moves that node and not the whole group was generally good.


Sometimes, I just want to group some nodes together - to form a super node for want of a better term.

I don't have an outline around such a group and I want the whole group to move if I click and drag on any node of the group.

I'm wondering
A. Is that something other people would find useful
B. Is it possible to have a different behaviour depending on node being in a group with no outline?

If there were no outline - I assume that would mean that clicking on any of the nodes in the group would select them all. I don't think this would be all that comfortable to use since you would probably have to ungroup them in order to be able to do anything with them.

Also, we kind of have something similar to this already available (and yes I know it may be quite a bit different) in the form of sub-flows.

I don't believe this is something I would use myself.

A collapsible group though .... maybe?

This was (IIRC) what used to happen

The nodes wern't "selected" AFAIR - they were just grouped and moving one moved them all

You had to click again to just move a single node

Which isn't what most people wanted for majority of time so that's why it was changed.

But, for simple example, say you just want to attach a debug to a node and have it follow your node around when you move it - it'd be great :slight_smile:


I'd like these to move as one - not have to fiddle around to find the group edge

Subflow is on a different level

Different thing but I'd like that as well :slight_smile:

[edit]Junctions wern't around in early group days so these sort of super nodes weren't possible

I can't see a need for a different kind of group.

These nodes are in a group but the outline is 0% opacity

If I want to move them I approach with the cursor mouse and as if by magic a handle with which to grab them appears

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