Feature Request: Group node

Add a node which allow to simply Group a set of nodes or link to Flows/Subflows

It would help to get a better overview,

See Mockup:

You mention subflows which already allow you to group nodes together into a single node in the workspace.

So is your suggestion the ability to get a pop-up preview of what the node contains?

That doesn't feel like a new type of node - more a new capability of the existing subflow nodes.

We are currently working on a grouping feature for the editor. This would not be used to collapse a set of nodes down, but would act more like grouping objects in applications like powerpoint or keynote - allowing you to handle a group of nodes as a single entity. The group can also be assigned a custom border and background colour. The work-in-progress PR for this is here: https://github.com/node-red/node-red/pull/2493


I think, technically he means something like singleton subflows. There was an old design note for "inline subflows" on the wiki which described something like that: https://github.com/node-red/node-red/wiki/Design%3A-subflows-vNext

Hi @knolleary

Yes I suggest the Popup Idea. I try at moment to not use to many Flows because every flow need a whole tab and I have to change them, lose the overview and context of what's there while seeing the other flow.
But in other hand I wish to have an easy to understand Flowchart, so I could not put every node into one flow.

The Grouping Is a nice Idea. May, If a set of grouped Nodes have an Input/Output node they could be used in this new fancy Popup flow node.

@kuema my idea is at first a visual Idea. What concept lays below this is no part of my skills. But thanks that you and @knolleary seems triggered about my idea, so I have hope for the future. :+1:

Drat, now you've got me drooling!! Love it already :slight_smile:

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