Subflow without being a subflow

I would like to be able to reduce a number of nodes to a single node.

We have subflows - however, subflows behave like a instantiation of a class and they get added as "nodes" in the palette. This is not what I am looking for, this request is more like just a visual clutter reduction of a complex flow to a single node, without it being added to the palette, nor any additional features. I can currently work around it by using a link call and have the flow living on its own tab and then hide the tab, but that's more like obfuscation and editing becomes harder.

Would it be possible to add a checkbox or option in the category pulldown to the appearance tab of a subflow, to not show it in the palette ? Not sure what the implications are when the node is removed from the flows - that may need some thought.

Perhaps a collapsible group would be a good fit for this?


The link call node may be for what you are searching.

You would also need the link in and link out nodes too.

But the link call allows you to make macros as you are saying.

Just a few tricks to use it.

Sorry but it is beyond my skill set.

As I mentioned:


I need glasses.

A collapsible group would actually be a great feature.
and come to think of it: group context (context that only exists within the group), could add a lot of functionality.

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