Feature Request: Dynamic Link-Call enhancements

Hi @Steve-Mcl , Node-Red Team

Gentle prod - would you know if the FR for changes to Link Call node per below is planned to be picked up for 3.1 ?

FR - Fixed Target Link Call - 2 new FR requests

Thanks in advance.

It depends if someone wants to contribute to help make things happen. The backlog is huge and ultimately things depend on who turns up to do the work. I have my own set of priorities I'm working on already.

Thank You Nick. I will check if someone from our side can help on the specific asks. Not sure at this stage.
Would you be able to already indicate tentatively - which items you foresee making it to 3.1 ?

My Bad.

Instead of

FR - Fixed Target Link Call - 2 new FR requests

it should have been :
The below is the one i am interested in. I will also if someone at my end knows and can pick it.

FR : Dynamic Link node enhancement request

Main piece being instead of "target" have typedinput to allow any string / msg attribute etc. to have dynamic link name.

My mistake on the typo on the links.

Hi @Steve-Mcl,

Would you be able to assist ? Mainly wanting to know if foresee you would be able to pick this up anytime soon ?

While i am checking if we have anyone who can pick this up. I have a strong feeling we may get stuck in red-tape.

I will pick this up. I think it has merit. But you must promise to beta test :wink:

For sure . Do let me know and i will test it out and share the test cases of the testing done.
Thank You.

I have updated the Feature Request issue with some designs

Users are welcome to review and comment on the design options offered.

Thanks @Steve-Mcl . I have replied on the Design link.

I have a query on general Dynamic Link Call vs. Subflows and future roadmap. Would you prefer i open a new thread - or continue here ?

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