FR - Fixed Target Link Call - 2 new FR requests

Hi ,

Requesting for a FR .

  1. In case of Link Call (Fixed Target) - can we have an option - where some mechanism - click / hyperlink or some other mechanism - where when user clicks - he can be taken to target Link In node. (Example today we have double click for sub flow which gives an option to go to the actual flow definition). Requesting something similar for Link Call.

  2. When user opens the Dynamic Call flow to select which Link IN node to connect it to - can the Options be sorted by Flow and then within Flow - the names of the links also sorted . If you see this is a breaking change - then allow - user to sort them - a button next to search and store the preference.

Hope i managed to explain .

This was considered and even attempted during development - but a suitable design could not be achieved so was left out.

Isnt the search enough?

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I had a feeling that this was not trivial. Thanks irrespective.

Search is good when searching. But when you open the node - instrincally one would expect things to be sorted. This is more of a cosmetic change - i can live with for the time being - our list is small.

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