Link-call nodes: visually showing the connections to link-in node

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I have come to use link-call nodes extensively and one thing I find difficult is seeing the connection to the link-in node. I can open the side-panel with all link-in nodes and the node that the link-call is connected to but I don't see this on the workspace, a-la link-in and link-out nodes that are connected by dashed lines.

I was wondering whether there are plans to change that? Find the connection to the corresponding link-in node is also harder since the name (shown on the link-call node) is only visible (in the workspace) when the mouse goes over the link-in node.

I have no idea how to improve this especially since link-calls have connections in and out and adding separate dashed lines would be difficult and confusing ...


During development of the link call node there were various tryouts for visually indicating linkage but in the end, visually, there was no good fit. At least not in the current standard. It is pretty easy for me to sit here and propose various solutions or ideas (like many of us did during the live stream development of the link call) but nothing really made good or practical sense (note time scale was also a constraint - an async solution or idea of the forum doesn't have that rigid constraint).

Note: I was gonna see if I could find the live stream but I am now doubting my sanity (did that really happen?)

One suggestion I would make is to have a "jump to" button in the listing:

Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 16.12.28

I did something similar with mouse-over (i.e. a list of nodes and when I'd go over with my mouse, it would highlight that node) and found that I soon lost the plot and needed the "Back Home" button to bring me back to the original node (in this case the link-call node). In my use case, the side bar was always open because I wanted to spring to various nodes.

That's not really a visual thing but it does help in navigating the link and makes the listing more useful.

There is probably a good reason why this would not work - but why not the link dashes as per standard link nodes?

Also, is it possible to have a way of sorting the link end points in a link node (by flow)?

The link call node would need dashed lines from the inside of the calling node to the called flow and then another back to the inside of it before continuing out the exit pin on the calling node.

Because link calls can have connections at both ends (unlike link-in and link-out that have one side free), hence a dashed line along with a normal wire would be confusing.

Aren't they grouped by flows in the side panel? Do you mean that they should be sorted within the group?

And link-call nodes can be dynamic, linking to

It is potentially misleading to bave some virtual wires as dashes on the editor and some not.
Is there another way of clarifying these links?

Yes, with a lot of links it becomes a bit of a chore to find the one you are looking for. (as far as I can tell they are in the order added)

PS I am aware that there is a search function

Perhaps something like "sort by" dropdown in the side panel would be an idea. But then there would be a need to be a setting of default sort by criteria.

Would it might be cool to have be something similar to the new 3.1.x wire-connect-dropdown:

Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 09.49.51

Perhaps doing the same on a link-call node would give a tree structure of all flows and then all link-in nodes in a flow. #justanidea

FWIW, that was always present (if you held CTRL when you start wiring).

PS, if you hold CTRL while wiring between nodes, it go's into a quick connect mode.

Not in my firefox with NR 3.0.2 on macOS - neither ctrl nor cmd bring up the same menu :frowning:

But Shift+cmd does activate the quick connect mode but I can't get the menu...

FF on Mac - asking for trouble! :wink:

Joking aside, I should have been clearer. If you hold CTRL or CMD (I forget which) before (and during) starting a wire from an input or output, then you click in whitespace, you should get the quick-add dropdown.

should, would, could, didn't!

I only got it going via the context menu:

Some combination of ctrl, cmd, shift and mouse button down (same as using emacs) brought it up while I still had a wire at the end of the mouse cursor! :slight_smile:

Life is hard being green ... as Kermit said.

ok, so maybe that part is broken (due to FF/Mac/combo) but I would have thought the simple CTRL + click (in whitespace) would work (or have been reported as not working by now)


On the Mac it works fine but you need to use the Command (aka the 'Open Apple') key and it works fine in FireFox, Chrome and Safari.

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OK got it, on 3.1.x you pull the wire and the menu pops up. On 3.0.2 you hold the command key, click on the workspace, add node and connect the new node to the old (if cmd key is kept held). In 3.1.x that changes to I connect the old node to the new node. I was using 3.1.x paradigm i.e. using an existing node to connect to a new node when that doesn't work in 3.0.2 (hence my acrobatics to try and get that working.)

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