Link call visualisation

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This goes back to a previous pain point and that being the visual connection between a link-call node and its corresponding link-in node.

Link-in and Link-out are visually linked and it's easy to navigate between the two, this is unfortunately not the case with link call nodes. And this is a pain point for me so I came up with a !!hack!! solution using green dots:


This is not the way it should be done but I needed something now and that was the simplest thing I could think of. The green dot on the link-in node brings the clickee back to the original link-call node (i.e. the first green dot clicked). Also, to remove the green dots, switch between flow tabs.

It can be tried out here and the introspection package contains the functionality.

Hope it helps.

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Interesting idea.

Thanks for putting in the work on it.

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