LINK CALL node - question : Allow Link in to identify call nodes

Sorry folks, today's dumb question:

I am new to using LINK -CALL.

I see a problem:
I have a routine called by/with that node.

I am at the routine.
How do I find the LINK-OUT nodes that call it?

Hi @Trying_to_learn

I might have your question wrong.

But at the end of your routine (in the link LINK OUT) - set it to "Return To Calling Link Node"
and it will end up on the right side of the link call node

Yeah, sorry, I get that.

Flow 1: I have a link-call node. It goes to another flow. (unknown at time of testing)
Flow 2: Has the link-in node, and code.

I am on flow 2 looking at the code but want to see any/all link-call nodes that call it.

I seem to be missing something in how to find that information.

Good spot!

it doesn't seem to show you

the call node only shows it - but not the other way

I get it that how I am doing it is problematic as it could/would/should show ALL nodes calling it.

But is kinda what I need to know.

I have since found the code (flow 1 in my example).

But gee it was painful.

I have updated the category and updated the title - to reflect the overlook

/CC:Core Team - Link In Nodes, do not have Link call nodes identified, in the way they do for lInk out nodes

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(Thanks. my vocab{} isn't working as good as I would like)

Well it was a question: that turned into a needed enhancement request - so you're good! :smile:

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I'm going to go out on a limb here :worried:

The node doesn't know what is connected as it relies on that info being passed at run time ?
And the only way to find out would be to work backwards through all the branches of the flow.

Just a guess :wink:

Yeah, that sounds plausible.

Just it kinda caught me and it took me a while to find the calling nodes.

I guess there is no easy way around it?

Though - thinking......

Ok, let's break it down:
You have the CALL, IN and OUT nodes.

You name the IN node and set the OUT to return to calling node.
Then in the CALL node, you connect to the IN by name.
And as it is a CALL, you can have multiple IN nodes calling it.

So that is known.

Ok, now we are going into something I've mentioned before with these nodes.
In their GUI, there should be an option to show ONLY CONNECTED nodes.

So that way at least you can better see who's connected to whom.

The link-in and link-out nodes, when connected both maintain a list of their connections to each other in a property links. That's how/why they know about each other.

However, a link-in node does NOT get an entry for link-call nodes so does not know which link-call nodes are connected.

I am not saying the link-in nodes could not be updated to add this info but it is not operationally required and essentially that's why the link-call id is not added to the link-in node (IIRC).

As to your original question:

You can search : Search link call nodes in the editor - #4 by Steve-Mcl

I give meaningful names to all my link In nodes that are to be used via link call, and expand them so that they show the name. Similarly I give all the link call nodes the same name and expand them. Then it is easy to see what a link call node is calling and also easy to search for all calling links.


I use many link-calls - but I see them as "reusable functions" - if you know what flow needs the "reusable function" there is no need for the link-call node to indicate anything as you are only passing on messages that gets returned after processing, but naming them (the link-in) is essential in my experience.

A problem can arise if, for example, you have 20 calls to the linked procedure from a number of flows. If one wanted to add to or change the format of the data passed in then one might need to find all the places where it is called in order to update them.

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