LINK CALL - also stuck

Linking back to this:

Seems I've forgotten something.

When I drag from the link out to the link call (in) I get/see the wire until I let go. Then there is no visible connection.
(no dashed line if I select either node)

What am I doing wrong?

Look again at the link you posted. The link call does not connect to a link out (or the link in).

Think about why it's called "link call" - it "calls" to a link.

Flow 1
Inject/whatever ->link call->debug/whatever
Flow 2
Link in -> your nodes -> link out/return

Example: HowTo define and use global utillity function in V3.x and higher - #2 by Steve-Mcl

I am not sure we are on the same page sorry Steve.

I am stuck on how to connect the link out and link in to the link call node.

I know I have to change the in and out node modes to return to calling node.
But how do I actually get them connected? Short of naming both IN and OUT nodes and searching for them and doing it that way.

Look at the example flow. You will see inside the link call node, you either select a target or you pass the target link in by message.

So I have to name the link out and link in nodes and search for them and fill them in that way.
Ok, only the in node.
The out is set to return to calling node. My bad.

So I have to name (well, it will make my life a lot easier) the link call node.
Open the link in node and search for the name of the link call node, and things should work.


Ok, I even got that back to front.

I name the link in node and then have to search for it's name in the link call node.

Correct. Give the link in a sensible name and your link call inherits that.

Ps: the reason you cannot just drag a wire from the link call to a link in is because it is common and sensible to want to create a separate tab (let's call it subroutines) and place all of your complex or reusable flows on the subroutines tab and use link call to call them.

It wouldn't be asking too much to show the link call to link in as normal.
Just there is nothing connected to the link out node.

But I guess that could leave to a bit of confusion.
It would be better to allow dragging the wire from the link in (wire input) to the output of the link out node.

(The hamster is not doing good in the wheel just now)

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