`link call` node. Stuck

I am not understanding how to use it.

Alas looking in the import/examples there aren't any.

Could someone show me how to use it?

I'm missing something.

All I can manage is link - in --> link - call --> link - out

But I don't know what to do from there.
Yes, I know this is one side of things. But the other side would be the normal flow which is calling this.

Thanks in advance.

I'm not near my laptop so I can't share an example flow for you, but I can try to explain it.

First up, here is how it was described in the release blog post:

The new Link Call node can be used alongside the Link-In/Out nodes to create subroutine-like flows.

If you have a flow that starts with a Link-In node and ends with a Link-Out node that has been put into its new ā€˜returnā€™ mode (giving the node a different icon), the Link Call node can be used to pass that flow a message and the result is passed back to the calling node.

As an alternative to using subflows, this is great for creating little utility flows that you want to reuse in multiple places.

Hopefully the image helps give you a sense of what that all means.

If that doesn't help, I'll share an example flow in the morning.

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Right! I was doing it back to front!


(Sorry, I know I said it before but I have the latest version and there is the tour. Somehow I have messed up the colours on the browser. Did that one day when logging in to the edit screen and the contrast between the text and background is poor so I can't read it. Don't know how to edit the colour as I had never been asked to "set it" before. Just happened a few weeks ago when I was logging in.)

If you are using a custom theme then make sure you are using the latest version of it.

No I think this is FireFox....

I got the "enter password" requester when I was logging into an edit screen.
I accidentally clicked on something and was looking at a colour requester. (Keh!!??)
(This is while the password requester is/was visible. So to me that is the browser end of things.)

I clicked a nominal colour and now it is set.

&*&^#@! if I know how to get to change it and maybe fix the contrast problem it is causing.

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