Search link call nodes in the editor

I have several link call nodes spread all over my project, each one linking to the same subroutine.
Now, I am in the need to find all of them, but I can't find any way to reach this. No dashed lines in the link in node, no check mark in the list of link nodes...

I'm lost, should I go through every flow, manually?

You can use Ctrl-F to search for link call in the editor to find them.

Yes, but I will find ALL link call nodes, not only the ones to the specific subroutine. It's a mess. I believe this is an important lack in the editor.

You can also search the name of the target

No, see above post

Nope. This brings me only to the target.

you asked

I demonstrated that

Perhaps they are not link calls but regular link out?

You can also search the ID (wchich you get from the info panel)

This works ONLY if you set the name of the link call node to the same name of the call subroutine.

Yes, this works. Thanks

Not true. I did not set the name of that link-call


What can I say? It doesn't work if I don't set the name. But it works with the node ID.

What version of Node-RED are you running?

version 3.1.1

Upgraded to 3.1.3, but still can't find link call node by name of the linked node, only by ID. Never mind.

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