[LINK OUT & LINK CALL] Usability Requests

Hi There,

is there anything against making a double-click in the link-call list jump to the corresponding link-in node? I've already asked about a visual representation but that is non-trivial so instead ...

There is this treelistconfirm event that represents a double-click and could be used to place force on the corresponding link-in node. I was looking through the code and my guestimate would be somewhere here to add:

.on('treelistconfirm', function(event, item) {
     if ( item.node ) {
          let ndeid = item.node.id;
          setTimeout( () => {
            RED.view.reveal(ndeid, true);
          }, 38);

then double clicking on the entry would move to the link-in but only for the link-call node.

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