Fehler im Debugfenster

Hallo zusammen

Ich habe das Problem, das ich im Debug nur Fehlermeldungen bekomme,
jedoch im Dashboard werden die Werte angezeigt...

function : (error)

"TypeError: Cannot read property 'temp' of undefined"

hier der Flow:

var msg1 = { payload: msg.payload.current.temp };
var msg2 = { payload: msg.payload.current.feels_like };
var msg3 = { payload: msg.payload.current.dew_point };
var msg4 = { payload: msg.payload.daily[0].temp.min };
var msg5 = { payload: msg.payload.daily[0].temp.max };
var msg6 = { payload: msg.payload.current.humidity };
var msg7 = { payload: msg.payload.current.pressure };
var msg8 = { payload: msg.payload.current.clouds };
var msg9 = { payload: msg.payload.current.visibility };
var msg10 = { payload: msg.payload.current.uvi };
var msg11 = { payload: msg.payload.current.weather[0].description };

return [msg1, msg2, msg3, msg4, msg5, msg6, msg7, msg8, msg9, msg10, msg11 ];

That means that msg.payload.current does not exist. Feed what you are sending to the function node into a debug node and see what is there.

Hello @ArnoNhym, welcome to the forum

If you can speak English, please do, unfortunately, it is the main spoken language.

Clearly, payload: msg.payload.current must be undefined meaning when you try to access msg.payload.current.temp you get this error.

Put a debug node BEFORE this function node & look at what is inside msg.payload

This may be of help to you - how to use the debug panel to find the right path to any data item.

Im Dashboard werden die Werte ja korrekt angezeigt!!

Nur die Debugmeldungen verursachen einen BufferĂĽberlauf und mein Raspi wird immer langsamerdebug

Hi again, it is almost impossible for me to assist with so little information.

I have no idea where them messages came from.

Perhaps if you share your flow or a screenshot with English comments I might be able to spot your issue.

What about the output from a debug node before the function, so we know whats in the payload.

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A screenshot of your function and the error message is not enough for us to help you

We already know this function throws an error "TypeError: Cannot read property 'temp' of undefined"

And as i already said...

Es sind empfangene Werte von OpenweatherMap

Wie gesagt, ans Dashboard werden die Werte ja ĂĽbergeben und auch angezeigt

Das ganze läuft auf einem Raspi Zero W
und durch die vielen Debug-Meldungen wird das Ding immer langsamer

oder kann man debug fĂĽr dieses eine Element ausschalten??

try using var msg1 = { payload: msg.payload.current.tempc }; in your function.

And if you had read the link i posted earlier, it would have helped you. Here it is again...
Working with messages : Node-RED

Does not look like there is a current object either.

Es sind alle Werte vorhanden, die ich anzeigen möchte ...

wenn ich das "current" weglasse, kommt die Fehlermeldung bei der mintemp


"TypeError: Cannot read property '1' of undefined"

Show us the expanded debug before the error.

Is openweather map sending two different weather json's


current weather and forecast

then the json's will be different, You will need to have a conditional check as to which json you are working with at the time.

OK, thanks, thats it !!

try somthing like.

var msg1 = { payload: (msg.payload.current.temp  || msg.to.other.json)};

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