Problems to get payload data to debug

Hello greetings,

Sorry this is my first contact with the nodered platform and I have been having this problem for three days, I already searched and did not find the information to solve this problem, I have already read various topics and tutorials and I could not understand the problem I am experiencing .
I've read this tutorial several times and I can't understand what is wrong.
I am trying to show only the information from the T4ACC topic in the debug node, but I am not getting it.
I made a simple flow to understand but I am not able to solve the problem.

I tried to use this syntax for the debug node and am getting error messages

Please how would be the correct syntax for this debug node?
My nodered flux:

"id": "6bc670f.5dd2b9",
"type": "tab",
"label": "Flow 1",
"disabled": false,
"info": ""
"id": "6b864fdd.66bf88",
"type": "pccc in",
"z": "6bc670f.5dd2b9",
"endpoint": "db7c09e4.fdcf7",
"mode": "all-split",
"variable": "N7.0",
"diff": false,
"name": "PLC",
"x": 130,
"y": 240,
"wires": [
"id": "a156d74e.5690a",
"type": "debug",
"z": "6bc670f.5dd2b9",
"name": "",
"active": false,
"tosidebar": true,
"console": false,
"tostatus": false,
"complete": "payload."T4ACC"",
"targetType": "msg",
"x": 460,
"y": 240,
"id": "db7c09e4.fdcf7",
"type": "pccc endpoint",
"z": "",
"address": "",
"port": "44818",
"userouting": false,
"routing": "0x01,0x00,0x01,0x00",
"cycletime": "500",
"timeout": "1500",
"name": "ML1100",
"vartable": [
"addr": "T4:0.ACC",
"name": "T4ACC"
"addr": "T4:1.ACC",
"name": "T41ACC"

Thank you for your help

Why? Its just a debug node for viewing what's in a message. Why would you spend days trying to achieve something your first picture shows you achieved anyway?

I don't understand.

This is not valid JavaScript.

Just put msg.payload in the debug setting.

Ps, please wrap code with backticks like this...

code here

To access the value of topic in a change or switch node, just enter topic

To access the value of payload in a change or switch node, just enter payload

To access these in a function node, use msg.topic or msg.payload

If you just want to see items with a topic of T4ACC then use a switch node set to

inserted before the debug node.


Hi dceejay,

Thanks for the help it worked perfectly, I was using the debug node to test and verify the data I wanted to see, if it showed the correct value because I wanted to send it to the dashboard gauge node.


thank you
best regards

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