File Inject from dashboard

Hello All

I have installed the node red contrib browser utils, albeit i manage to inject a file, i dont know ho to within the dashboard

Thank you in advance


Do you want to display the file you have uploaded in Node-RED in the dashboard

or do you want to choose a file and upload it using the dashboard?

Hello UKmoose

I would like to chose a file and upload it using the dashboard

Thank you

You can't do that using the node you mention. That is for loading a file into Node-RED when you are on the normal Node-RED canvas.

Where is the file you want to load? Is it on the machine running the Node-RED instance or on the machine where you are using the browser?

There are several examples on you could try that mention uploading files

it´s on the machine where I am using the browser!!

I will take a look at the links


I know that node I mentioned,d is only from canvas, I just would kike to that from dashboard, and the file is in the computer i would be running the dashboard