File upload to Azure


I'm trying to use this flow to upload a file to node-red server (Azure) but I always get the answer "Error: only files are allowed".
I checked the node-red folder for the uploaded file - nothing. I created an upload folder but also no success.

Anybody an idea what I'm doing wrong?

What are you trying to upload?

I'm trying to upload an image and a textfile.

Are you trying to upload both at once?
Have you made any changes to the sample flow?
is NR running on theAzure machine?

I'm not trying to upload both at once. I just tried both filetypes.
I didn't change the flow.
NR is running on an Azure VM, is that a problem?

So are you trying to send a file from your local machine to be stored on the Azure VM?
Remember NR is running on the Azure VM so it will have access to the files in it’s on device, not the machine you are accessing NR from.

If you want to store files from your local machine, R will have to have network access to the location of those files or you could try the FTP node.

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