File writing module, if there is an error on file it stops working after

Hi, I'm trying to report (for example by email) a write failure error if there is an error writing the file on the SD, I' making some test and I noticed:

  1. Unless the "read file" module, that has the comfortable error legacy output (which generates a msg.error, very comfortable to check and forward), the write file module it hasn't. I'm using the modules provided with the default NR installation. It is needed to read the output msg.string and check the first letters if there is a "fail" in the beginning of the string. Please introduce legacy also here, thank you!
  2. Once the error is notificated, the module refuse to write more on that file, even if for example I disable the write protection, it is needed to deploy again to see it working again. This is not good because I cannot check if the writing will be successful, it should tell me anytime the result, if fail for example.
  3. When it finds an error and I inject on it another payload (with no results as I said) NR will take about 10-15 seconds to deploy again, cause the module goes in timeout.