FileMaker Create Record Error

I have enabled a flow that inserts records into my FileMaker server and it works. Most of the time.

Because I need to know when it doesn't work, I have an Catch node set to flag errors when that node fails which pushes me an alert.

I have had it running all morning. So far it has processed 750 or so records. Four times during this period I have had errors flag: a small percentage to be sure (0.5% of requests). The payload of the request is not abnormal, so it wasn't apparently a mapping issue.

Which begs the question: how can I understand exactly what failed so I can better deal with it?

For example Is it because two requests came too close together? If so, is there a good way to handle this?

Thanks in advance for all of your help!


Do you have a debug (Set to display the complete msg object) connected to the catch node? If so what does it say?

also - are you using flow variables to store "working message" data as it flows through ? If so then yes a new message may be overwriting one already in progress... if so you could just add a delay in rate limit mode if timing isn't an issue - or actually attach/move the value to another msg property, or.... other options are available - but difficult to guess.

This flow is very simple: data in -> change to javascript object -> add a .layout and then create the record. No working message or place to overwrite a message (assuming each flow is a separate thread, something I am not entirely sure of).

I have added a debug to show msg.error going forward. Hopefully this will provide some insight. I have not had an error pop since the four this morning. over 1300 messages today with 4 errors (all early on).

So I have started logging this error on record create. The error message I am getting is:

message: "The Data API is currently unavailable"

source: object
id: "64ef211cfd2718bc"
type: "dapi-create-record"
name: undefined
count: 1

This appears to be happening about 1-2 times per day, always at about the same time of day (9:45 am)

Any thoughts on how to track down why the API gives the ghost up like this?


Does your FileMaker server generate a log? Perhaps you can see from there why it was unavailable.

Otherwise perhaps ask on a FileMaker forum.

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