FILO database to support no network scenarios

Well nothing, i am just connected to the FAIL and OK node.
A easy fix I found is sending using an inject node an empty message to the HTTP node.
I found out that no message would go to the HTTP node when the gate was closed therefore never retesting the HTTP node to open the gate.
By bypassing the gate and send a message directly to the HTTP node it trips the node to display a error message or not.
I set up the inject node to do this in an interval and whenever the server is back online the message flowed back.

You are missing the whole point. It is up to you to always send a message either to the OK link or to the FAIL link after sending a message to the http node. You have to work out how to do that.
Your easy fix is not a fix, it is overcoming the fact that you have not sent a message to OK or FAIL. At some point your interval inject will come at an unfortunate moment in the operation and will mess things up.

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For example you could test for the timeout message that you posted earlier and use that to send the FAIL message. However, it is imperative that you make sure you get exactly one message sent to either the OK or the FAIL link after each attempt to send the data.

I understand, the thing is that the system when the gate is closed doesn't arm/ goes to the OK/FAIL without the message going to the HTTP node which it canĀ“t because it's close.
It works once, but once itĀ“s close it cant doing the bypass it checks the node, letting it send the OK/fail message.
Do you think it would bring problems? The only thing its doing itĀ“s making empty requests to the node?

Is the debug you showed earlier with the "522 Origin Connection Time-out" message coming from the Complete node? If it is then if you change that debug node to show Complete Message then what does it show?

Looking again I see it is not from the Complete node, however please show the full message coming from the Complete node in the case of the timeout occurring. I believe I know a simple solution but need that information to be sure.