Filter data SqlLite in table

Hello good afternoon, I tell you what I want to do, filter a database by temperature and date, currently I show all the data in a table, but I want to filter it, I know what sentence using a sentence like: "select * from 'database' where 'temperature = 15', it will be filtered, but what I'm looking for is that I don't write the filter temperature, if I don't give it to a variable for example, thank you very much, I attach my flow.

flows (1).json (79.7 KB)

So why not use the date in stead of the temperature in your ‘where’ clause?

Of course I can do that, but what I want to do is that in a date node or tex input node, enter date or date data and filter dynamically, all those filters do it from the UI

Do you mean you want to enter a date on the dashboard and press enter, then use that date in the where clause?

yes, that's exactly what I want to filter both by date and perhaps temperature values ​​in the same statement.

Well you could build the sql statement using switch nodes to decide if you want date, temperature or both ad then use a template node to build the statement.

You will have to decide what the conditions re that you will use. I'd suggest using the ui-form node to enter the date and/or temperature they both would be in the msg and you could then create your select statement based on which item(s) are filled in.

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