Filter node suggestion

Just wondering if anyone else would like this too.

The filter node.

It may be nice it shows when it is blocking with text below the node.

That way if you are using one and wanting to know when it is blocking you see the text appear below the node.

(Or is it just me who would like to see this?)

A “Blocked” status can be interesting but the Christmas tree effect should be avoided

How would you handle if it's configured to handle multiple topics? ("Apply mode separately for each" checked)

Display the number of blocked topics? The information wouldn't be very useful in that case. You'd only know that it's blocking some topics of potentially many.

edit: I think the delay node already does something like that.

Do you mean that you want to know whether the most recent message was blocked?



't would be handy sometimes.

Though a debug node would be handy there, for real-estate saving.