Filtering data and outputting to Function node with multiple outputs

Hopefully somebody can help me with the following:
I have incoming serial data with needs to be separated via a function node, now i am able to split the sentence to their propiatary ID but i can´t manage to send them to their designated Function node output on the message nr. ID.
The sentence is as follows:

Where the number 8 is the total amount of messages and the number 1 till 8 are the message nr.
The number 8 can also excist lower than 8 but the given fact are the message numbers.
Now i am able to split on the talker ID $GPGDV, $GLGSV and $GSGSV so that´s sorted, the only thing i am struggling with is to send the sentences with their message nrs. to a function node output as sentence.
In this case $GPGSV does consist 4 separate message nrs. which needs to be send to their individual output on a function node.
As you can see i do get the 4 sentences (sentence 1 till 4) out on the function node but need to have them all separately. so the sentence with message ID nr. 1 to Function node output 1, sentence with message nr 2 to output 2, sentence with message nr. 3 to output 3 and message nr. 4 to output 4.

Your help with be highly appreciated to help me further into bringing this data into a bargraph.

The switch node is provided to route messages on multiple outputs according to a property of the data.

By default it looks at msg.payload but any property can be used, such as msg.payload.message_nr

To do it in the function after you split the payload you can do.

const output = []; 
const parts = msg.payload.split(",")
output[parts[2]-1]  = {
    payload: {
        message_nr: parts[2]
        //add other items here
return output;

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Got it working by using a Switch node, thanks for the hint, was a little headache but at the end it all worked out for me. PS. sorry for not posting the code inbetween ´´´ was quite late and couldn´t find the right keys to add the code :wink: .

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