Firebase can't send simply msg.payload

Hello. I'm trying to send a simple msg. payload but it's not working. What should I write in the data field?
When I will write just the number it can be sent and it's working.

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Which Firebase node are you using? node-red-contrib-???

I''m using node-red-contrib-firebase-data .

When I was trying to use before node-red-contrib-firebase ( on Windows ) it's disconnecting node-red server( there is some issue i belive with that node on windows ).

So I'm unable to send value to a database in this contrib .

Whenever I am going to try a contrib node I check for issues on node's github page.

The fact that there are a number of unaddressed issues there suggests that the node is no longer supported which is not a good start.

Have you checked all the firebase nodes to see if there is one that appears to be currently active?

If you want to continue with this node then the first thing I would do is check to see if there is any output from the node when you send it some data. The examples show the data filled in in the dialog. Presumably you can pass it in, but there is no indication of how to do it.

Yes. This node is working. When i put some data in data field for example number i can send it to firebase however I can't put payload.

What I'm trying to do is to put random numbers every 10 sec but here is no option to send values.

Looking at the source code, you are supposed to send objects or JSON in payload (not simple numbers)


The Set method can send a number.
If you want, I have another node for you :grin:

Thank you. I had to convert this for json before. Now everything is working.
Best Regards.

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