Firebase to NODE-RED

I sent the data to firebas from NODE-RED.
now i am trying to get data into NODE-RED from fire base.
kindly help to fill up data as mention in snapshot.


please guide me for the same.

Which firebase nodes are you using?

1 Like it seems to be saying you need provide the content of the Google firebase service credentials into the first node you display.

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Used nodes are as per screen shot.


I tried but its not worked.

So your screen dump lists that you have installed more than one set of firebase nodes.

I'd start by determining which one is the one you are actually using, re-read the ReadMe that you read when you installed the nodes and follow any instructions,

If you have already done all these steps I suggest you open an issue against the node on the nodes github page.

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I will do that.
but any sample is available for fetching the data from the firebase to NODE-RED.

There are numerous firebase node listed on I'd suggest seeing if any of them mention or include sample flows.