Node-red to firebase data sending


i am trying too send data from node-red to google firebase and facing the issue.(attached snap shot)
please help to solve.


you have a permission problem with fire base. Check the username and password are correct, and see if you can do what you want outside of Node-RED to check if it is a problem with firebase or Node-RED


thank you
it was issue from firebase.
now it is working.

i am sending plc data to fire base and its done successfully through MODBUS TCPIP.

i have some questions regarding NODE-RED.

how many modbus register can read through NODE-RED.(is there limitation?)
to run the NODE-RED internet connectivity is require compulsory?( any solution to run NODE-RED without internet.)

please guide me for the same.


Your first question is about a contrib-node. Your best bet is probably to ask on the github page of the node you are using.

You do not need an internet connection to use Node-RED