Node-red on ppp connection

I have a node-red setup on a raspberry pi.
when running on wlan it works fine... collects data and drops it of on google firestore

when I disconnect wlan, and setup a connection via ppp (gprs connection) data does not arrive.

the raspberry can still ping, but it stops dropping data to firestore.

am I doing something wrong when running node-red-start?

Just as an experiment, does it work if you restart node-red after switching the connections?


The raspberry can ping, I can do wget, node-red can even ping and output to console, but it stops delivering data to firebase.

It sounds like something is blocking the firebase comms somewhere. I read somewhere that it uses websockets (though that may not be correct), perhaps they are blocked. What node are you using for firebase?

so this is odd...
first of all, it turns out it has nothing to do with node-red.

I wrote a quick nodejs app, and am running it on the raspberry... when it is connected via wlan, it updates a document on firestore

when i disconnect wlan, and start up ppp i get the same error here....

UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: 4 DEADLINE_EXCEEDED: Deadline exceeded

i can ping

i can do a : wget (page downloads)

i can not do a firestore.db.set ....

:frowning: Dangit

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That is not surprising. As I suggested, probably something is blocking the comms via that route. Possibly because it is websocket (if it is) but that is pure conjecture without knowing anything about firebase.

damn you internet!! - Thanks Colin for the pointer!!

Routing is not my strongsuit - and its not related to this channel :frowning:

but... would your guess be that there should be a routing solution for this, or am I better off looking at creating some sort of webhook endpoint (which I CAN access now) and then let that endpoint handle the firebase bits?

a quick google on "gprs ppp websocket debian" does not point me in any direction.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am out of my comfort zone I am afraid.
@dceejay can you throw any light on what this problem might be? It isn't node-red it is something to do with the connection. I don't know how to debug it.

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