I want to integrate Node Red with Firebase realtime database.
When I define a realtime database in Firebase it creates it of this type:
databaseURL: "".
When in Node Red I load node-red-contrib-firebase it compulsorily pretends that the database is *
The two database formats are incompatible.
Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks and regards.

You probably shouldn't use that node. In one of the issues in the github page, the author states (on February 12, 2019):

Unfortunately, the version of the Firebase SDK used in this project is deprecated and no longer supported by Google (specifically the Auth restful endpoints I believe).

See the other issues - I don’t have the bandwidth or motivation at this time to do the necessary updates (I haven’t touched Node-Red or Firebase in a couple of years at this point).

Happy to review pull requests but otherwise I’m afraid you’re on your own for this one

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