[firefox bug, closed] Dropdown menus do not work (clean install)


I have a brand new install on Fedora, using the beginner install script (https://github.com/node-red/linux-installers) and none of the dropdown menus are viewable. I can 'select' them and use the arrow keys to sort-of tab through the hidden options, but a dropdown menu showing the complete contents does not work.

Fedora 31
Firefox 70.0.1
NR: 1.0.3

Steps to reproduce:
Install on fresh F31 image, using script from rpm installers repo
open localhost:1880
attempt to use dropdown for 'repeat' in Inject node.

Interestingly, dropdowns for 'payload' work fine (and others with grey background).

Hi @dcsouthwick

That is very odd - the repeat element in the Inject node is a completely standard HTML <select> element with no custom code running against it (unlike the payload drop-downs which are custom elements).

Are there any error messages in the browser console?

Another bit of info I found for devs while trying to make a screencast of this problem.
It seems triggered when there is more than one monitor.
Doublescreen webcast (scroll right for 2nd screen and demo of broken dropdowns)
same actions, with one monitor disabled:

This actually seems to be some sort of bug

I'd suggest a bug with Firefox then - the rendering and interaction of those elements is provided by the browser and nothing to do with the node-red editor code.

Can you try a different browser to see if that's the case?

Yes, just installed chromium, and html renders as expected. Weird.