Firewall blocking mqtt

  1. Node red is running on 1880
  2. Mosquitto server is on 1883
  3. InfluxDB is running on 8086
  4. Grafana is running on 8088

They all are running on same machine. I have removed firewall from all these ports but its not working. If i remove firewall completely , it works. But , i think turning off the firewall is not a good idea.

I am using mqtt protocol, Please help

What Operating System?

Windows 8.1 pro on my laptop

I suspect that you are using the device's IP address instead of the localhost address of

When you use the device's IP address, the traffic has to go through the network card and is intercepted by the Windows Firewall. If you keep everything on it won't go via the card. It will be faster as well.

You can, in fact persuade the Windows firewall to let through traffic on various ports but I absolutely wouldn't recommend it on a device running such an out-of-date operating system.

W8.1 GA: October 17, 2013
W8.1 End of mainstream support: January 9, 2018 (You may have extended support via your organisation)

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