First project - Internet status dashboard / router reboot

Hi, using a raspberry pi and a unipi1.1 which I've had for ages in a box and I thought I'd do something useful with it.
Cobbled some functions together, added ping and LED nodes and I now have a dashboard that shows the status of a few hosts (ISP gateway, my router, plex server etc) and triggers a relay if one of the hosts goes down. Once the host is back up the relay turns off - so far OK but the plan is to connect one of the relays in series with my router power to reboot it when the Internet goes down.
I can get the relay to pulse for 5 seconds which would reboot the router but what I need is for it to ignore the ping status for 5 mins as the router reboots, and then once pings start again, start monitoring.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


I would think that the core "delay" node would be what you want?

This video shows how to ask for confirmation, before something happens (or is triggered) on a flow.
In this case, the conformation would be asked on whatsapp, but you can use the flow and include any other back-channel of your preference (telegram, email,...). There's a link to the flow used on the video description.

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Thanks for the ideas!
I tried a few things and eventually worked it out - I just needed 2 switches and 2 timers and it's working perfectly!
Now to work out how to write to a database to log the number of resets and the time of each one...


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