Node function repeating message before processing request

Hi all,

So I have a node reading a ping from a local ethernet connected device, I`m wanting to make a heart beat to this device so that when it doesnt ping it sends a reboot via a relay. Only issue I have at the moment is that when the pi responds a "false" triggering a relay , the reader reads another false in the time it takes to restart and set up hence creates a loop of relays, I need some way to have pings within 5 seconds but also able to read the first "false" reading it gets. Any way to do this?

Have a look at the RBE node. You can configure it to only pass on changes, so it will never send more than one false (or true) in a row.

[Edit] how does this relate to your other thread, where you say you can't get the ping to work at all?

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